What You Need to Know to Kickstart Your Marketing

Gone are the days of wandering aimlessly, not quite sure what you need to do when it comes to marketing.

Learn the key qualities that set a marketing strategy apart from the competition and discover a holistic approach to your marketing.


What a Marketing Strategy is all About

Learn what a marketing strategy is really about. Spoiler Alert: It is so much more than a rough plan of when you post to social media and how often you publish a blog. 

Qualities of an Effective Marketing Strategy

All marketing strategies are not created equal. When developing your marketing strategy, you'll want to be sure to keep these four qualities in mind.

Components of a Marketing Strategy

No two marketing strategies are alike, but every successful one has the same components that'll help set you apart from the competition. 

How to Fit the Pieces Together

Once you have all the pieces of a great marketing strategy, it's a matter of asking the right questions so that you can put them all together.

The Marketing Success Your Business Deserves 

Learn the key qualities that set a marketing strategy apart from the competition and discover a holistic approach to your marketing.  

Pinpoint your target market, core offer, and value proposition Choose the best marketing channels to get the word out Offer an effective and compelling Customer Value Journey Ask the right questions to make the most of your marketing channels

About the Author

Jacob Ratliff is the founder of ashevilleMARKETER, a specialized digital marketing agency that develops and executes bespoke marketing strategies for small businesses and entrepreneurs. He helps both regional and national clients grow with deeply customized marketing solutions. With longstanding relationships with contacts and businesses across the country, Jacob’s clients consistently benefit from his trusted professional network.  

Jacob works closely with businesses’ key players to identify high-impact growth opportunities. By tightly integrating sales & marketing, product & service offerings, and core messaging, he takes the many pieces of a business’s puzzle and brings them all together to open the gateway to success.  

With diverse experiences ranging from digital marketing to strategic growth planning, Jacob brings a holistic approach to the art of doing business, emphasizing the importance of relationships and value when it comes to how a business operates on every level. In today’s fierce competition for consumer attention, Jacob gives a business’s target market a reason to stop and pay attention, using value-driven relationships to grow awareness, increase revenue, and ultimately generate a loyal base of high-value customers.